About Harvest

Harvest Church is a non-denominational, life giving, family oriented, multi cultural, multi generational, Spirit filled Christian church for everyone. We exist to change lives by leading people to totally love God, love people, and love life as one church in global locations.
Worship experiences are 75-90 minutes & can’t be described, they must be experienced. Come dressed just as you are, in a suit & tie or jeans & a t-shirt, we’re not going to judge you. Harvest is like the “United Nations” because you’ll find virtually every race, culture, ethnicity & background.
Harvest Worship sings diverse & passionate music, while Harvest Kids & Harvest Youth offers a fun, safe & secure environment for your kids ages 0-10 & teens in middle school & high school. You’ll leave energized, encouraged, inspired, and full of God’s Word from Bishop Foreman’s bold, practical & funny life-giving message.


Our Pastor 

In vocational ministry for over twenty years, a senior pastor for twelve years & a bishop, which is a pastor to pastors, for almost twelve years, Bishop Foreman is known for his bold, down-to-earth, practical & humorous approach to presenting the Gospel, which makes the Bible easy to understand for all ages & backgrounds.

Find out more at www.BishopForeman.com or connect with Bishop on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr.
Most Recent Life-Giving Message
Don’t Miss Who’s In Your Midst



One Church. Global Locations.



Faithful Giving Changes Lives 


Giving Methods

  • Give online by clicking here
  • Text the amount to 84321, input the zip code 80012 & select Harvest Church
  • Give through the Harvest Mobile App
  • Mail to Harvest Church | P.O. Box 441004 | Aurora, CO 80044
  • Employers may match charitable giving. Email us at hello@harvestchurch.church with questions

4 Ways We Give As Christians

  • Click here to learn the 4 Ways We Give As Christians


The Harvest Mobile App 

Life-Giving Messages. Music & More. 



Changed Lives

Share Your Story. Be Encouraged By Others.


Harvest Worship

Life-Giving Music. Fuels Our Movement.

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Take Your Next Steps to Grow

 Growing at Harvest is Easy As 1. 2. 3.

Step One: Love God.

Step Two: Love People.

  • After HarvestU, change lives by volunteering to serve in the Dream Team
  • Build community & attend Dream Team Parties at your campus to grow with other Harvesters

Step Three: Love Life.

Harvest Bible College Online

Equipping the Next Generation of Leadership.

HBC is a non-denominational Charismatic (Spirit-­filled), self-paced Christian Bible College that offers Biblically based, theological, Associate through Doctorate level degrees. 

Click here for the HBC Online Catalog


Harvest Fellowship of Churches

Change Regions. Empower Churches. Seize the Harvest.

Churches and pastors around the globe & from various denominational affiliations are connecting with Bishop Foreman & Harvest for a model of excellent & effective ministry. The Harvest Fellowship of Churches is for pastors, para-church ministry leaders, executives, & entrepreneurs. 
HFC doesn’t emphasize hierarchy without help, routines without results, nor procedures without progress. A ‘fellowship” is defined as a “group that pursues a shared mission.” The Harvest Fellowship of Churches is a movement that’s changing regions by empowering churches to seize the harvest. 

HFC Member Benefits:


 HFC Member Expectations:

Text HFC to 59769 to Join or Click Here

Contact Us 

Write Us: Harvest Church | P.O. Box 441004 | Aurora, CO 80044
Visit Us: Harvest Aurora Campus | 14100 E. Jewell Ave. | Aurora, CO 80012
Call or Text: +1.800.928.0585
Fax: +1.866.624.9156

Connect with Harvest

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