Available Staff Roles

MANAGER OF ORGANIZATIONAL OPERATIONS: Responsible for the excellence & efficiency of campus organizational & administrative operations including & not limited to coaching & leading staff, human resources, vendor & account management & other personnel issues. Manages the Office of the Bishop including calendar management & keeps direct upline briefed on significant issues and is responsible for the Harvest Fellowship of Churches management & expansion, and new Harvest Church campus development. Click here to apply.
MANAGER OF MINISTRY OPERATIONS: Responsible for excellent & efficient communications, campus ministries, campus worship experiences, and planning and facilitating master calendar events. Responsible for implementation of Harvest’s tenth core value through Harvest University management & expansion, Dream Team management & expansion, the Apprenticeship management & expansion & Harvest Bible College management & expansion. Click here to apply.
RECEPTIONIST: The primary campus administrative support including managing the Master Calendar, meetings, and third party interactions. Keeps direct upline briefed on significant issues and is responsible for the maintenance & excellence of campus facilities. Click here to apply. 
WORSHIP LEADER: Lead & grow Harvest Worship through providing a core values & servant leadership values culture of worship, creatively plan worship experiences with other personnel, spiritually equip Harvest worship, teach vocal parts & a variety of administrative tasks. Click here to apply. 
BAND/MUSICIANS: Accompany Harvest Worship during worship experiences & record for Harvest Worship original music. Click here to apply.