Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Harvest say “All Churches Aren’t the Same”?

Harvest is a non-denominational, family oriented, multi-cultural, multi-generational, Spirit filled church for everyone. At Harvest, we believe that regardless of your yesterday, God has a great future in store for you. We’re not a place of judgment nor condemnation, but a place full of life. You’ll leave energized, encouraged, inspired, and informed with the practical tools to see God’s best in your life so you can use your life to change lives.

What denomination is Harvest?

Harvest Church is a non-denominational, charismatic (Spirit-filled) church.

Why does Harvest have a bishop? 

A bishop is a “pastor’s pastor.” Gifted as an apostle, a person sent by God with a special assignment, Bishop Foreman is a leader to leaders & in 2006, he was chosen to serve as a bishop by other bishops & pastors. 

What is the dress code at Harvest? 

Dress how you feel comfortable. Maybe for you that’s a suit and tie or maybe it’s jeans and a t-shirt.

What does your “V” symbol represent?

Our “V” represents the victory that we have through and in Christ according to 1st Corinthians 15:56. 

If I am already clergy & would like to join Harvest, will my current credentials be recognized?

Contact Harvest at for clergy transfer instructions. Thank you in advance for not taking any liberties that have not been extended to you at any campus.

Why do we baptize in water?

Jesus commanded those who would believe in Him to be baptized in water (Matthew 28:18-20). Water baptism is for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38) and for the believer’s identification with Christ (Colossians 2:12). We baptize those 12 or older. 

Why do we dedicate children?

We dedicate children to set them apart to live for God when they are under 12 years old.

Why do some randomly bring an offering to the altar/stage? 

The Bible says to “bring our offering to the altar” (Matthew 5:23-24). This typically occurs when a message is speaking in a very distinct way to an individual. You are free to do this at anytime during a worship experience.

Why do we worship God as we do?

Standing – Nehemiah 9:2-3 | Prayer – Psalm 143:1 | Bowing – Psalm 95:6 | Dancing, Leaping, or Running – Psalm 30:11 | Lifting Hands – Psalm 63:4 | Singing & Clapping – Psalm 47:1 | Using Music – Psalm 150:4

I’m “________.” Am I welcome at Harvest?

At Harvest, we welcome & love all people to life. We won’t judge you. We’re not perfect, so we don’t expect others to be. That’s why we all need Jesus.




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We’re excited that you’ve decided to join Harvest Church. Text JOINHARVEST to 59769 to take your your next step, which is to attend Harvest University on campus.

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