The Apprenticeship:

School of Servant Leadership 

In order for us to continue to aggressively pursue our mission to change lives by leading people to totally love God, love people, and love life as one church in global locations, we must provide five-star training to fulfill our tenth core value, to “Make Disciples and Develop Leaders.” To accomplish this we’ve created The Apprenticeship: School of Servant Leadership. The Apprenticeship trains high-capacity leaders.

Who is the ideal apprentice? 

An individual who thrives in a fast paced, results oriented, core values driven, Jesus focused environment. The ideal apprentice either desires to become part of the staff if an opportunity arises that’s a good fit and/or to be part of the tiers of servant leadership of Harvest. It’s for those that like to get things done & make things happen.

What will I need to complete The Apprenticeship?

Each apprentice will need a computer, a smart phone/mobile device, and a relentless work ethic.

What does The Apprenticeship cost?

The minimum donation to participate in The Apprenticeship is $200.00

How do I register for The Apprenticeship?

You must be nominated for the Apprenticeship during your quarterly Dream Team Review or as a Clergy & Credential Transfer.