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Salvation doesn't need to be confusing or mysterious. Depending on your background or religious tradition, you may have heard a variety of ideas about salvation.

Salvation, which means the same thing as being "born again" or making a "decision to become a Christian" is ultimately being saved from yourself, saved from sin (sin = things we do that don't please God because they ultimately hurt us), and given the gift of eternal life, which means as Christians, we don't fear the death of our natural body because it's simply a transition. Until you've been saved by Jesus, you’re the walking dead. Trapped in sin & separated from God. Salvation is God’s successful rescue operation for the world.

Jesus, who is God in the flesh, came to earth, died on a cross, and was raised to life to rescue us and bring you into relationship with Him. Salvation is not only a matter of life after death, but the way to live an abundant life on earth here and now.

Simply put, Jesus is salvation & when you become a Christian, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is now in you!


We ALL need to be saved regardless of how good or bad we think we are (Romans 3:23). Salvation is a free gift, but one that we must receive (Romans 6:23).

Jesus wants you even if you feel unworthy of salvation because of your past or present. Jesus' death, burial and resurrection means we are forgiven and set free to live an abundant life with God here on earth and in eternity.

If you are ready to receive God's gift of salvation, simply pray this prayer: "Father, in Jesus' name, I admit that I’ve fallen short. I’ve sinned and need your forgiveness. I no longer want to do life my way, but I want to do it your way. I believe that You lived, died and rose again so that I can have life and life more abundantly. I confess you as my Lord & Savior and commit my life to You. I give you my past, present and future. Take my life and use it for your glory. I give it to You. In Jesus' name, amen."

If you prayed that prayer, please text HARVEST to 55498 to let us know, then watch What Next? below.


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Please see the infographic that illustrates the five areas that the Bible teaches God should be first in our lives. It's made simple & easy so we can all put God first in our lives.


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