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Our Core Values aren’t an arbitrary list of rhetoric. Values create a culture and are non-negotiables as we aggressively pursue our mission to change lives by leading people to totally love God, love people, and love life as one church in global locations.


We're United Under Our Visionary

To advance the progressive vision of changing lives that God gives our Bishop, we protect our unity as we are one people changing lives for God’s glory.


We’re Committed to Being 100%

We’re all in and that’s how we win, so we are committed to being 100% givers, 100% loving, and 100% excellent.


We’re All About People

All people matter to God and to us so we unapologetically celebrate decisions made to become Christians, Harvesters that serve in the Dream Team, and the lives God changes through Harvest.


We Don’t Take Sides, We Take Over

To rescue our region with the Gospel, we don’t think small. Instead, we set big goals, take bold steps of faith, and watch God change more lives through Harvest.


We’re A Kingdom Church

We are kings and priests extending God’s Kingdom through Harvest in the seven spheres of society of business, family, arts & entertainment, church, media, education, and government.


We Honor God, Our Leader & One Another

We honor God, our Bishop, and other Harvesters in that order all day, everyday.


We’re Community Transformers

We don’t accept the status quo because too many people are unchurched or dechurched and we’re changing that. We don’t just have church, we are the church.


There is No Box

We won’t try to change lives with “8-track” methods in an “iPod” world. We’re intentionally creative and innovative. The end result is more changed lives. Personal preferences don’t interfere with the pursuit of our mission.


We’re Known For What We’re For

We love all people and we will lift up the Gospel that changes lives instead of condemning people.


We Make Disciples & Develop Leaders

We make disciples and develop leaders to advance our mission by providing excellent training through HarvestU, The Apprenticeship, and Harvest Bible College.

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